About Us

What we do
Our goal is to provide quality clothing at unbeatable prices. Since our personal shoppers spend hours daily searching for great clothes from some of today's best brands we are able to pass along the savings to our members. We all know how frustrating it can be to find out that the cool button down you found after hours at the mall is $89, or that sweet pair of jeans that wouldn't even need to be tailored are priced at a cool $168. We help in bringing you those styles and brands you want without feeling the pain in your wallet. And let''s face it; we'd all rather spend that extra cash on a round of beers or tickets to a great concert and now you can!

How it works
Our process is pretty simple. Once you sign up to become a member you will be asked to fill out a personal style quiz and create your profile. This will let us know exactly what kind of styles you like and what you consider your personal style to be. Once we have this squared away, our shoppers go to work on finding you exactly what you are looking for. Each month they will customize your box for you and you will receive 2-3 main items; these could be anything from a button down or a t-shirt to a pair of jeans and a sweater. On top of your 2-3 items you will also receive an additional bonus item which will often qualify as a ''basic.'' This item could be anything from an undershirt to a pair of socks, or even a tie to go along with that dress shirt we included for the month. Whatever you receive, it will always be something that matches your personal profile; if you don't like plaid well then you won''t receive it. That is our promise. And as always your box will have a minimum value of $130!

Who we are
Well this one is easy! We're just a group of friends that like fashion but hate the price tag that can go along with it. Lucky for both us and you, we've figured out how to get the most for our dollar and pass the savings on you to enjoy as well!